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More Than a Business…

What a strange title for a blog.  Why did he pick that heading?  What about this “Grassroots approaches to workplace ministry” stuff?   What does it mean?  Well, let me explain.

As one of many Christians in business I struggle daily with integrating my spiritual life and my work life.  We shouldn’t be asked as human beings to compartmentalize ourselves based on whether we are at work, at home, or at church.  We need to be whole people fully integrating all of our activities within the people we are.  Our belief systems should not be suspended or banned from the workplace.  Our spirituality should be allowed to guide us in all of our activities from worshipping to raising families to performing the responsibilities of our jobs.  The question becomes, “Is there room for spirituality in the workplace?”

My answer is unequivocally, “Yes!”  In fact, I believe that any organization if it is to function effectively must accept spirituality as a need of every human being and ensure that need is accommodated in the workplace.  Going one step further, I believe that God intends for us to build His Kingdom here on earth, and an essential element in accomplishing that task is for people to be about ministry in, and Kingdom building through the workplace.

Kingdom building cannot be successful if it only occurs one hour a week during the Sabbath.  It cannot be accomplished through frequent cell group and neighborhood meetings outside of the weekly worship service.  And even if you throw in good deeds and service throughout the community and within our own families that still will not get the job done!  Kingdom building cannot be accomplished without making organizations and businesses of all kinds a part of the effort.

Kingdom building through business involves using our places of work to help reclaim people, communities, and nations for Christ.  Reclaiming nations must start with the greatest common denominator, people, by helping all organizations become ministries that serve people within the boundaries established by law, law which Jesus encouraged all of us to live by, even as we build God’s Kingdom on earth.

Our task is to recast the organizations within which we work into values-focused, purpose-driven, people-centered and servant-led businesses, better businesses that affirm and edify their team members, leaders, customers, suppliers, and communities.  Businesses influence people through their leaders and associates by living out examples of principles, values, morality, and ethics consistent with Jesus’ teachings.  As organizations become grounded in those principles, they can influence people, communities, and nations to continue building a culture that honors Christ beyond the confines of the organization.

Obviously we need to start somewhere.  The grassroots level seems like the best place to begin.  Those of us who are entrepreneurs and business owners can start with the conceptual foundation of our own businesses.  Those of us who are employees in a bigger organization need to look at our own behavior within the workplace, and the influence we have over defining the mission, vision, and values of that organization.

As Christians we are charged with God’s Great Commission to go out and make disciples for Christ, all day, every day.  Let’s begin taking advantage of the one quarter of our lives we spend in a workplace to make those disciples!

As we walk this road together, you’ll need to understand my business philosophy.  Please visit my blog, Better Business Basics,, and read the first ten posts to learn more.  In this blog, More Than a Business, I will talk about how those better business basics can be employed to make your organization not just a business, but a witness for Christ and a positive influence in your culture.

Blessings, and peace my friends,